Renewable Electronic Energy Coin

REEC was born in 2017. We outlined our vision for this platform in our white paper which we publicized amongst a large community of ear-marked investors just a few months after our inception. Our whitepaper & go-to-market activities were very well received and in 2018 we successfully concluded our first round of token sales in order to develop the various components of our platform. Since then, we’ve constantly evolved and built more features & security into our offering.

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The Decentralized Future Of Energy

REEC is a platform that provides end-to-end transaction capabilities for clean energy consumers, suppliers, investors, and devices. Our coin & platform will empower the world.


Our Strategy And Project Plan

Q4 2017

Core Team Formation

Q1 2018

Development & deployment of REEC tokens
Conceptualisation of REEC Marketplace

Q2 2018

Private Token Sale (First Round)

Q3 2018

Road Show & PR Campaigns in the Asia Pacific Region
Venue based Private Token Sale (Second Round)

Q4 2018

Launch of REEC website
Initial Renewable Energy Tokenomics

Q1 2019

Business development in Asia
Testnet for POS Blockchain

Q2 2019

REEC POS MainNet Launch & Migration
POS Staking Desktop & Mobile Wallet

Q3 2019

Global Expansion & Infrastructure Strategy Kickoff
Executive Team Members & Advisors

Q4 2019

Masternodes Staking Programme Launched

Q1 2020

New Management
Upgraded Website
Exchange Listings


How REEC Is Different

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Buy Now, Use Later

Our platform makes it possible for consumers within our projects to buy energy now, keep and use it later.

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Smart Trading Mode

Our partially-automated Smart Trading Mode allows the system to search for orders following your criteria and complete the order without further instruction.

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Energy Statistics

We are able to forecast supply & demand of energy based on overall transactional volume. This allows our coin-holders to have access to analytics so that they make better and more informed decisions in context to on-going future investments into REEC on-ground projects.

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Built-In Telegram Feature

REEC platform comes built-in with Telegram functionality. Telegram is the most popular messenger in the cryptocurrency scene till date. REEC’s official channels for community as well as announcements are accessible for the sake of credibility & visibility.


Token Allocation

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Transactions (24H)


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Total REEC


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Average Time

60 Seconds


Our Mission

We set out with a vision to build a platform where the world transacts & trades energy. In line with that we carefully crafted & deployed everything from scratch from including our own cutting-edge PoS blockchain, explorer & wallet, but why?

Because we saw a huge gap in the global markets where it just isn’t easy or affordable for people to access energy from renewable sources. Despite the many technological advances we’ve seen, energy markets have been relatively backwards in creating sustainable opportunities for the common man to access energy beyond fossil fueled sources.

At REEC, we believe that energy is everything. It empowers and moves everything inside and around you. We were born so that we give everyday citizens an option to choose between energy that’s destroying us, versus energy that’s renewing our entire world.

Whether you fall into one, two, or even none of the below categories; if you’re interested in exploring a partnership with a blockchain company that’s obsessed with saving our planet through green & clean energy, then email us at [email protected]


Partners And Investors

Renewable Electronic Energy Coin (REEC) is all about collaboration. We’ve created an ecosystem where everything “Green & Clean” thrives and adds real-world value, but that’s not all. At REEC, we don’t believe in just looking at investors as cash-dispensing machines. Our investors have to be our partners otherwise we would rather not have you invest. It’s all about providing our community real value powered by real experts.

That’s why we’ve got four different types of partnerships here at REEC that we are open to considering anywhere at anytime